Bon Monte

Q: What should I do to earn cash bonus at BonMonte?

A: It is very simple, just click on the link of the store from where you want to shop. BonMonte will redirect you to the store. Do your shopping and your bonus will be uploaded in your BonMonte "My wealth" account.

Q: Do I get any benefit if I refer my freinds to register at BonMonte?

A: Yes, we value your referrals. Every referral when registered using your partner ID as referrer, gets enrolled in your Org and whenever in future your friend does shopping you get the referral bonus

Q: What benefit I get if my registered friends in my Org further refer their friends?

A: You will be getting referral bonus for the purchases of your friends's friemds and so on. When your friends further add their friends, they get linked in your Org and you get benefited every time anybody in your Org does the shopping

Q: Is there any limit how many friends I can refer and get registered in My Org?

A: No, there is no limit

Q: Where I can see how many people are registered in my Org?

A: We call each of our registered user as Partner. After login, you can see how many partner registered in your org by clicking "My Org" in My Account section

Q: Is there any provision to send auto-invite to my friends through BonMonte?

A: Yes, you can use Invite Friend option in My Account section. You just need to enter your friend name and email address and BonMonte will send a invitation mail to your friend on your behalf

Q: Where I can see the detail of how much cash bonus and referral bonus I will get?

A: After login you can see the detail of cash bonus and referral bonus for each store in Bonus Detail of My Account section by clicking:

Stores Bonus Detail for all the listed Stores

Q: Do I need to do anything after doing shopping?

A: For most of the stores your bonus will be uploaded automatically within 7 days after the shopping. For some stores you need to upload the shopping manually. When you click on the store icon it takes you to GO TO STORE page where it is mentioned in Red or Blue text whether you have to upload the shopping details for that store or not.

In the GO TO STORE page you will see in the following text as below in Red and Blue :

“No need to upload the shopping detail. Bonus will be credited automatically within 7 days. Only upload if bonus does not reflect within a week”

“After shopping, pls. upload your shopping detail with us in Shopping Detail-->Upload section to claim your cash bonus”

Q: What should I do if I do not see my bonus uploaded within 7 days?

A: In rare cases, if your bonus is not uploaded automatically within 7 days, pls. upload the shopping detail for your missing bonus.

Q: How do I upload the shopping detail?

A:You can upload your shopping details by following below steps:

1. Go to My Account
2. Click to Shopping detail
3 Select Upload
4 Complete your Shopping details

After upload you can track the status of your shopping through "Track Shopping" in Shopping Detail under My account section

Q: I am having problems logging in to my account?

A: Please click "Forgot Password" on the Home page. Otherwise, please contact by writing to

Q: I have received communication from Bonmonte that your shopping is not reflecting in store's report?

A: Possible reasons could be:

1. You may have not clicked the store link through Bonmonte site. To avoid this please click the store icon by logging into and do not close the browser till you complete the shopping.
2. Every store cookies duration varies so we suggest you to complete your shopping in a short duration. If you went to store by clicking through BonMonte and your store session is idle for long time, we suggest you to go to the store site again through before completing your shopping to ensure your cashback.
3. You may have used any third party offer.
4. In some rare cases, we have also observed that people open mutiple sessions for the same store at same time, one through BonMonte and others directly. Accidently they do shopping from the session opened direcly and end up loosing earning cash bonus. So we suggest to go to store always through BonnMonte

Q: How it works on Third Party offers?

A: If you have taken other third party offer, the credit of the shopping will be given to the third party which gets the last click before checkout. Bonmonte bonus is given only if you use store offers and not any third party offers. In case, you use any third party offers, it is accounted to third party and in that case you will not get any bonus from BonMonte.

Q: My some friends signed up but they have not received the partner ID. Also they are showing up in my org without partner ID.

A: All of your friends need to activate their registration. Activation Process- While registering one mail goes to their mail id. They need to click the link provided in the mail and fill the registration code. Once it is activated they will get partner id and they will able to login and start purchasing and invite friends.

Q: How does my earned bonus will be paid to me?

A: There are three payment options. Either you can get your bonus transferred to your Paytm account, get it transferred online to your bank account or opt to get it paid through bank checks

Q: Where I can select the payment options?

A: You can set your preferred payment option in "My Profile"

Q: How much time it normally takes to get the cash bonus ?

A: Your bonus is uploaded in your My wealth account within 7 days of the shopping but that is subject to payment after the confirmation of your shopping from the stores. Stores normally confirms the shopping in 30-60 days because of the 30 days return and cancellation policy of the store. Once shopping is confirmed your Bonus will be actualized and paid to you

Q: What will be the payment frequency ?

A: Your actualized bonus will be paid on the 10th day of every month subject to minimum accumulation of wealth as per the selected payment option. As store takes minimum 30-60days to release the payment, hence the bonus will be actualized in the end of next month after your shopping and paidout on 10th day of subsequent month, for example if you did shopping in April Month, your actualized bonus will be paid to you on 10th Jun. Here is the Payment Schedule for reference

For shopping done in Month of Jan - Bonus paid between 15th Mar to 31st Mar
For shopping done in Month of Feb - Bonus paid between 15th Apr to 30th Apr
For shopping done in Month of Mar - Bonus paid between 15th May to 31st May
For shopping done in Month of Apr - Bonus paid between 15th Jun to 30th Jun
For shopping done in Month of May - Bonus paid between 15th July to 31st July
For shopping done in Month of Jun - Bonus paid between 15th Aug to 31st Aug
For shopping done in Month of Jul - Bonus paid between 15th Sep to 30th Sep
For shopping done in Month of Aug - Bonus paid between 15th Oct to 31st Oct
For shopping done in Month of Sep - Bonus paid between 15th Nov to 30th Nov
For shopping done in Month of Oct - Bonus paid between 15th Dec to 31st Dec
For shopping done in Month of Nov - Bonus paid between 15th Jan to 31st Jan
For shopping done in Month of Dec - Bonus paid between 15th Feb to 28th Feb

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